Anastasia Beverly Hills Announces Norvina Eyeshadow Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills Announces Norvina Eyeshadow Palette 

Summer officially can’t get any better! All of you makeup junkies out there probably swear on Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Modern Renaissance palette. During the weekend, the brand suddenly dropped the news for a brand new eyeshadow palette, out of nowhere. We got used to seeing teasers for upcoming releases months in advance, so this type of announcement made us even more psyched.

ABH’s eyeshadow palettes are among their cult products that women from all over the world simply can’t get enough of. The upcoming release is named after Anastasia’s daughter Norvina. Claudia Norvina Soare is the current president of the label and the mastermind behind all of their products. Although the gorgeous makeup artist has been a part of the leading team of the brand for a while, this is the first official item that carries her name.
“The palette has 7 mattes and 7 shimmers which is a first for ABH, we generally do less shimmers. I need shimmer in my life because of my big lids, but I also use shimmer along my lash line. All about the grungy slept in look, without ever sleeping in my makeup actually, that would be bad. The key to this palette is the shimmers and accompanying mattes, personally I love cool tones but I do love a deep blue tone berry and a shade like Eccentric which is really unique, it’s a dark squash or really yellow brick color. This helps me create so much dimension & contrast which gives my eyes the intensity I like.”- Norvina shared with her Insta followers.

She also shared that the most important thing for her was to launch a product that actually works on different skin tones. The Norvina palette features an equal number of matte and shimmery shades, with a focus on purple hues. To match the inside, the label colored the packaging in a beautiful purple tone. There are several neutral tones, which literally any girl could use. The palette also includes some summery pink hues. You can expect an extremely pigmented product, so you get ready to create both bold and simple looks. The makeup guru got the inspiration from Disney parades.
You’ll have to wait for one more week if you want to snatch the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina palette. It will be available on the label’s website on July 17, at on July 29, followed by, and more on August 7. The eyeshadow palette will be priced at $42.

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